(livi): strawberry rhubarb pie

strawberry rhubarb pie is like the spring pie of all the spring pies…kate mcdermott’s “art of the pie” includes several pies using rhubarb…i can’t wait to bake my way through them all!IMG_7285my dear mother invited my brothers over to my house the evening i was making this, and so my “baking mind” was trying to multi-task (making dinner, plus dessert for them) and i didn’t think to add more flour and tapioca to my filling, then the recipe instructed because i used honey and not sugar.IMG_7277and since my two younger brothers arrived while i was preparing to bake it, they helped add the egg wash to the top while i cleaned up the counter and quickly washed the dishes. it’s fun to watch them stressing over something so simple.IMG_7298IMG_7307this pie needs a long bake time. i baked mine for an hour and a half; and just between you and me, i think it may have needed a bit more oven time.IMG_7296IMG_7292but i was told that it was enjoyed by my family the next afternoon topped with whipped cream, and they didn’t mind the messy pie! too much=) i mean the flavor was good…but the texture needed some work. i’m not giving up yet and hope in the near future to re-create this pie (still with honey as my sweetener) that has the perfect filling consistency. wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “(livi): strawberry rhubarb pie

  1. Oh I absolutely love that flavor combination. I can’t say i’ve ever baked with rhubarb (I seem to be afraid of it haha) but I just love its flavor in baked goods. It gives me that real Spring feeling. Baking is all trial and error, right? But I think that’s the beauty of it, to keep perfecting a recipe! Thanks for sharing this one.

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    1. Rhubarb is so fun to bake with! I’m excited to try cooking with it also…it’s not at all scary hehe it’s the strawberries i’m scared of! Baking really is trial and error…takes a lot of patience and persistence. You’re more than welcome!

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