(anne): vanilla apple galette

this past week, i set out to make an apple pie…and then i asked myself, why? i could either make one double crust apple pie or two apple galettes…all with the same amount of dough and less fuss…no brainer, right?

a galette is basically a rustic, open-topped tart. you roll out your pie dough to about 14 inches, plop in the filling of your choice leaving a couple of inch edge, fold up the dough on the sides, and stick it in the oven. how easy is that? an added bonus for us “pickers”…the filling is left exposed on top…that means you can walk by and sneak an apple, or two, or…never mind! šŸ˜‰

instead of using the traditional cinnamon with my apples, i chose to cover the apples (thinly sliced with the peel still on; i used granny smiths and pink ladies) with a bit of sugar, 1 1/2 vanilla bean’s worth of seeds, and a whole lot of vanilla. it was fabulous!!!!

cinnamon and apple will always be the perfect pairing, but go ahead and try something different with your apples this week, like vanilla, or lavender, or almond…the possibilities are endless!!!

happy may!





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