(livi): shaker orange pie

this pie is so bright and cheerful!

a perfect treat on a gloomy winterish day. the recipe is called shaker blood orange pie…and maybe i should have actually gone out and purchases blood oranges, but i used regular, grocery store, navel oranges.

anyway it was beautiful non-the-less!IMG_5154IMG_5029the result was good…i should have sliced the oranges a bit thinner, but the flavor was perfect. (but a bit on the sour side due to the thickness of the slices)IMG_5040IMG_5043all covered in sparkling sugar…

this pie does require a bit of foresight, because the oranges need to sit in the sugar overnight.IMG_5059IMG_4661my late food processor, was as old as the hills but dearly loved by myself. it helped created so many yummy things in my kitchen, it really felt more like my friend. i cried a little when it “died”….

my preferred way to make pie dough is with a food processor. the method is both quick and fool-proof for me; but anyway, i finished the dough by hand and just continued on with the pie.IMG_5065IMG_5139a juicy and pleasant looking pie; literally it’s screaming “smile” IMG_5080IMG_5156no wonder citrus fruit is the “fruit of winter.” during those months when you need sunshine it creates a bit for your eyes and tummy!!!

hurry and bake this pie for your family, or just yourself, i won’t judge, lol, because spring is right around the corner!

happy monday!





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