(anne): little tasties

when i typed this title, spell check immediately changed “tasties” to “nasties”. haha. depending on who in my family you talked to, either one of those would have been an accurate description!

usually, these little bits of dough are left over from rolling out pie crust for a bona fide pie. i chose to make a single batch of dough and turn the entire thing into these tasties.     i just rolled out the dough, spread my filling, rolled it up, and sliced it!

my filling was cocoa powder, sugar, coconut, and almond extract. while it would need some tweaking of measurements to get the taste i was picturing, it wasn’t too far off the mark. I baked them at 350 until golden.

i didn’t use any sort of “wash”, but you could….milk, egg wash, etc…

these are great little munchies to take on a road trip, or picnic, as they seem as if they would pack well and stand up to getting smashed and thrown around. 🙂

so, whip up a batch of your favorite pie dough and start playing around with fillings…the sky is literally the limit…”cinnamon & sugar”, “fruit jam”, “nutty”….the filling choice is yours….be creative and remember, if it doesn’t turn out quite as you wanted, it was still one step closer to your goal flavor!




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