(livi): the quintessential (mini) apple pies

my sister’s wedding was this past friday evening and instead of a full dinner menu she had just a simple dessert reception.  since my mama doesn’t eat refined sugar, i decided to bake her up a few tiny treats of her own to enjoy at the reception. she was, after all, the mother of the bride, and i didn’t want her to feel left out=) i made these tiny apple pies, as well as healthy brownies, and mini cheesecakes…for her to enjoy.

she was delighted!IMG_7168i made the kate’s quintessential apple pie but down-sized the recipe ’til i was able to use only one gala apple. after chopping this up this very tiny.  i added the dry spices and flour to it. then i used the same method as i did in this recipe from dorie’s cookbook to make the top and bottom crust for each pie. just before filling each mini pie, i added the honey (instead of sugar) to the apple mixture. it was just the perfect amount of pie filling for 12 tiny pies.IMG_8316IMG_7187IMG_7167my mom was so impressed!

…they were as delicious as they were cute. bunches of fun to make, too!IMG_7150i opted on covering the entire top with crust, instead of making a tiny lattice on each, because i felt like this would make them a more portable dessert. IMG_7163IMG_7130this is really a lovely idea for any pie filling!

before i go i want to say thank you anne, for coming up with the idea of “livi and anne” . baking and blogging together has made the miles between us melt away. i feel like we live next door. we’ve been blogging for over a year now and this is our 50th blog post!!! i’ve learned so much about baking in this short time. anne you’re amazing, i’m so glad we’re friends. i’m a better person and baker, because you’re in my life ❤



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