(livi): raspberry pie

raspberry pie is the perfect summer pie.

…but i used frozen berries, from last summer, for this one=) i can’t wait until my little raspberry patch is ready for picking!

i never thought berry pie could be so simple, but they really are! and since we’ve started baking through the “art of the pie”, i’ve learned to make them using honey or sugar. same method for both, just about half the amount of honey. IMG_6969after sharing a photo of this beautiful pie on instagram, my sister-in-law (who’s 6 month pregnant) commented how good it looked…i know that she’s dealing with lots of cravings right now, so an idea just popped into my head. i texted my sister asking if she would be going near their house and she actually was and agreed to run this pie up to her….she was so surprised!

i couldn’t wait to get the response on how it tasted…

….aaannnnnnd they loved it!

day made=)IMG_6980i used a tiny bit more liquid in my pie crust this time and was beyond pleased with the result.  it created a sturdier crust, which in turn made the weaving process of the top lattice so much easier.

now i’m dreaming of future pie with beautiful lattices on top. i mean the possibilities are endless!!! IMG_6973IMG_6967IMG_7016IMG_7008giving a pie away is one of the most rewarding thing!

why don’t you make a pie today and give it to someone? …everyone likes pie and you can’t go wrong with this pie here=)



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