(anne): happy easter!


first off, an apology…my life has been crazy busy with music for the past several weeks, and i have made no time in my schedule to bake pies (i admit, i did make time to make a chocolate/cinnamon/coffee cake!) [i am a cake girl more than a pie girl]. 🙂 all this to say, the blog has fallen on livi’s shoulders for the past month or longer, but starting in may, i should have some time to bake and post more faithfully!

i was supposed to bake a 3 layer yellow cake with lemon frosting and strawberries this weekend, but, our easter plans got cancelled, and the oven wasn’t working this morning…so that is why there is a picture of a rose on this post, instead of something baked! [the rose is from my mom’s garden…she grows david austen roses]

happy easter from livi and i to each one of you! take time to slow down, and remember the reason we have easter celebrations and traditions each year.

may it be filled with friends, family, joy, and gratitude! {and hopefully, something really yummy that was baked with love}




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