(livi): sour cherry pie

okay before i begin let’s just for a moment talk about how incredibly cute these mini pies are!!!!! the perfect culinary creations….

i mean they’re positively A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!!

seriously,  so delightful to look at=)IMG_6063IMG_6185i used two pints of sour cherries that my mama canned. kate’s recipe in the art of the pie used fresh cherries, which were then cooked down a bit before adding the rest of the filling ingredients. i just added the flour, sugar etc. straight to the drained cherries and continued following her instructions from there. IMG_7808deciding on how I would make each little pie’s top crust look, was almost more fun then pulling the finished pies from the oven…that’s saying a lot! heheIMG_7810these finished baking in half the time a normal size pie does and would be a perfect option in a “time sensitive” baking situation.IMG_6073IMG_6065

IMG_6144IMG_6170IMG_6159IMG_6155i cut into one of them and it was like a tiny, little piece of pie. (I know it was a TINY PIECE OF PIE…but you get the idea=) the filling wasn’t runny, but still softly set up. the tart-sweetness was just heavenly!! i was in love =)

so yummy and so repeatable.

my love for making pies and this cookbook is growing with each pie i bake. mixing the butter with the flour for the crust and deciding on what pie i’ll make next is way too fun!

looking forward to my next pie…or maybe more tiny ones…who knows!

until next time=)



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