(livi): lemon meringue pie

IMG_5547….isn’t it the most beautiful pie you’ve ever beheld!!!!! lemon meringue pie is a pie that i’ve never tasted or made before…so it was lots of fun, and honestly, i thought it would be a lot more difficult to make than it was.

for this pie, the crust is blind baked before you add the filling.

i used regular black beans as my pie weights, on top of non-stick foil. freezing the crust over night (unbaked and already in the pie pan) kept it from shrinking too much…IMG_5541three simple short steps and the pie was FINISHED!

first: the crust

second: the lemon filling

third: meringue

…ta-da! the pie was done and simply left to cool in the fridge. my brothers ate most of it. isaac stopped in right after i finished taking pictures and ate the “photographed” slice.

…and then asked for another.

it was the perfect sour-tart taste,  and the meringue was a nice smoothing effect for the slightly sour lemon filling.IMG_5569IMG_5604IMG_5595IMG_5579IMG_5615IMG_5598i beat the meringue just a wee-bit too much. (or maybe a lot too much) but a word in my defense:  it was my first time ever to make meringue…so….haha i get two-thumbs for this simple fact: I attempted to make it.

my brothers loved it! i’m starting to think they just enjoy pie, and it wouldn’t matter what kind it was. so maybe their opinion doesn’t really count…lol

but my sister tried it and said it was the “best lemon meringue pie she’s ever had” and since she’s actually eaten this kind of pie before, maybe i’m safe to mention her review.

i loved everything about this pie. it was easy to make. looked lovely. tasted even better. so, in other words – pretty much a perfect pie –

…yeah go ahead make it=) you know you want to!




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