(anne): savory pie filling…

ok, so, you are probably wondering why this is a post just about pie filling, and not about pie itself. i could bluff my way through some explanations, but here is the truth…

i completely forgot to take a picture of the finished product, because i was too busy eating the finished product while my parents and i had a “mary tyler moore show” marathon [no judgement, please…that is how i de-stress]! fortunately, livi was understanding about it. and after all, filling is what makes a pie.

i made little hand pies (much like my lemon curd ones, a few posts ago), and filled them with my own savory mixture that i made up myself…

while i never measure when i am cooking (as opposed to baking), here are the approximate measurements for my filling…once you make it, you can put it in any pie dough recipe and bake at 400 for 15-20 minutes…it is delicious! (if you do try it, let me know; i would love to hear how it turned out)

1lb. of ground beef (i use organic, grass-fed beef from a local farmer, ryan butler, who owns green button farm) {a side note: if you are in the raleigh area, do yourself a favor and eat at ryan’s AMAZING bbq joint, “picnic”}

1 purple onion

1/3 cup organic red wine (i used a burgundy)

1/2 pound of “curly” kale

3/4 cup of feta cheese

salt & pepper

to make: brown ground beef with salt and pepper over medium-high heat.

add onion (turn down to medium) and sauté until onions are almost soft.

deglaze pan with wine.

add kale and cook until SLIGHTLY wilted.

turn it into a bowl and stir in feta cheese…refrigerate until cool.

using whatever pie dough recipe you like (i used kate mcdermott’s all-butter recipe), roll out and cut into medium sized circles, fill, fold over dough (like a turnover), crimp edges, brush with egg/water wash, vent, and cook at 400 for about 15 minutes (until deep golden). a double crust dough recipe yielded a dozen.

check out the photos of my filling ingredients…and just imagine the finished results! 🙂

happy sunday to y’all!




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