(livi): rhubarb custard pie

hey it’s livi here…yes, it’s me sharing a pie twice in a row.

anne has had an overwhelming amount of responsibility with work this past week, both mentally and physically… and we felt like mandatory baking didn’t need to be squeezed in on top of everything else going on in her life at the moment…so, since i made my “next blog pie” yesterday; we thought i’d share it a week early and give anne some time to get through this stressful week and rest before thinking about baking a pie. img_4973this is kate mcdormott’s rhubarb custard pie.

and my very first time to ever make a rhubarb pie.

i choose to bake this particular pie because i had bag of last year’s rhubarb (from my mama) in the freezer, plus the eggs in the fridge…. you get the idea, what ingredients i have on hand is the main deciding factor as to which pie i make next.img_4915img_4919it was really the simplest recipe! ever!

mix the rhubarb and sugar, pour it into the prepared (single crust) pie pan, and into the oven it goes for 20 minutes.

then over this (while it’s still in the oven) pour a mixture of a little cream, melted butter and eggs. when this sets (in about 15 min. more) the pie is complete.

out of the oven; let it cool a bit and enjoy!!!img_4928the taste: a mixture of a buttery sweet, matched equally by the calming flavor of the rhubarb.

i do not have very much experience with rhubarb so i added an entire cup of sugar instead of the  3/4 as directed by the recipe, just to make sure it was sweet enough. and was happy that it still wasn’t overly sweet.img_4958img_4973img_4988between the two of them, my brothers ate this entire pie! (except a single piece i saved for myself); they loved it!

even thought i wasn’t blown away with the result, myself, i’m sure this pie will always be loved by the guys in the crowd.img_5011img_5019img_4979i’m already looking forward to making more of her rhubarb pie recipes this summer when i’m able to harvest from my own rhubarb plant.






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