(livi): little tasties


this week my brother celebrated his “golden birthday” and wanted me to bake him either a cheesecake or “my” normal pumpkin pie recipe (i surprised him with the addition of pecan praline topping)img_4701i had several ideas of different pies to bake for a current “cookbook challenge“. but it was beginning to get late in the day, so i made “my” pumpkin pie, and slid it into the oven. while i cleaned up my pie dough scraps, i decided to make these little tasties. i grabbed my camera and this was the result…


why not!?!?img_4726

img_4727they are so yummy(!) and perfect, little bites of goodness. growing up, my older sisters had a version of these that they would bake up after they had made several fresh berry pies, in the summer. they used honey and cinnamon. the result was good, but much more sticky and caramelized; they still contain the memories and taste of my childhood.img_4757img_4695img_4697i made some the suggested way with just sugar and cinnamon, and then i decided to branch out (can’t believe myself either…haha) i used coconut sugar and added carob powder (note the darker color) on top, so that my sweet mama would be my taster …she thoroughly enjoyed them and commented on the flakiness of the crust…still after all that handling?!?!? img_4773img_4769img_4759

these are so pretty and a perfect use for my pie dough scraps in the future!


p.s. i’ve almost read our current cookbook (“art of the pie”) cover-to-cover and gained bunches of valuable baking tips and enjoyed all the memories/stories, kate mcdermott shared.  her advice on taste: “…take a taste. does it make you want to have another bite? if it does, then it’s just right.” came to mind when i tasted the pecan praline topping for the pumpkin pie. my little taste left me wanting another. but i stopped and smiled. i didn’t need another bite, it was perfectly delightful, and i knew everyone would love it.




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