(livi): cranberry pie


it’s valentine’s day week, and what better way to begin it than with lots and lots of pictures of my very festive pie…i mean look at the heart shape i cut out on the top!!!!

it’s just darling!

this is kate mcdermott’s cranberry pie…i made it because, not only is this a very “wintery” themed pie, but soon after thanksgiving these berries go on sale (and following in my mother’s footsteps) i always purchase enough to fill a few gallons ziplocs and store them away in my freezer for future use. as a result, there was no need for me to run to the grocery for ingredients. a happy surprise for me!img_3903i’ve baked several versions of this pie over the years using lots of different crust recipes and sweeteners.img_3912for this pie i used brown sugar for the sweetener.  i had never used orange zest, but this additional flavor is so welcoming and pairs perfectly with the tart cranberries. img_3924this pie had a very sharp tart flavor and was only slightly sweet…so note to myself and to those dear ones who might want to make a cranberry pie: don’t ever under-estimate the amount of sweetener called for; more is always better when cranberries are being used. img_3951also i used a bit more water than i should have in the crust. the result was a little dense and not very flaky crust. such a disappointment, because the crust is always my favorite part of a pie.img_3959img_3948but, a word in a humble pie’s favor: it was so pretty!!! and took a very lovely picture.img_4062img_4058img_4057img_4003

img_4061i’m not through in my attempts to create the perfect cranberry pie, just yet. i and hope to master it and create a lovely slightly tart pie, in the near future.

happy valentine’s day everyone!



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