(anne): sausage apple pie

last week, i made the sausage apple pie from kate mcdermott’s, “art of the pie”.

it was delicious and amazing and as usual, i disregarded some instructions 🙂

kate’s recipe called for a double crust with cheddar cheese…i used gruyere…and was fortunate enough to have some lovely natural light in my kitchen helping out with the photographs…


i did my best not to make the dough too wet…


look at these lovely apples for the filling…granny smiths, opals, and pink ladys…

i left the peel on for color and extra flavor…pink ladys, especially, are much more fragrant and sweet when they are cooked with the peel…



everything got cooked lightly on the stove…


oh, and i used wine instead of juice in my filling…


the dough got rolled out and the filling was encased between the lovely layers of cheesy crust…


it was gorgeous…


it got devoured very quickly…try it, and your taste buds will love you!




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