(livi): blueberry crumble pie

img_3800to pave the way as my “first pie” from art of the pie, i started with this lovely blueberry pie, complete with her crumble topping. just between you and me: i secretly lacked the courage to begin with a double-crust pie…well it’s no secret now…img_3760

i couldn’t have picked a better day to bake this blueberry pie;

an unusually warm and balmy sunday(in january)! img_3775img_3779her butter crust recipe is delicious! i mean i enjoyed the taste of this crust as much, if not more, than the filling itself.

the filling was very easy to prepare.

i added orange zest to mine, and this paired with the flavor of the plump, warm blueberries, was, trust me, a match made in heaven!img_3784img_3789img_3791i’ve never actually used a whole nutmeg, gosh(!) did I feel like a real baker while grating it over my frozen blueberries.-the smell- believe me…nothing compares to the fresh aroma of nutmeg.

i took my “final” pictures before it was fully set up. the reason being that little brother showed up a bit early for his promised slice(s). img_3800img_3810img_3814it’s such a pleasant dessert; one that i feel you should invite someone over to enjoy with you…as you, of course, sit on the front steps of your house – watching the summer sunlight fad.

but wait, it’s still january.

happy monday!



2 thoughts on “(livi): blueberry crumble pie

  1. This looks superb – those juicy blueberries look mouthwatering. Love your blog – found it when I was looking for a photo of Dorie’s Sunday in Paris Chocolate Cake.


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