(anne): shepherd’s pie

here is something you should know about me…if a recipe doesn’t require exact measurements and precise technique for a successful outcome, (such as a filling for a pie), i tend to bend, break, and utterly disregard what the recipe author considers rules, and i regard as guidelines…all this to say, my shepherd’s pie from kate mcdermott’s “the art of pie”  turned out delicious, but not at all like the original recipe for the filling…

to start with, kate uses ground lamb; i went with ground beef, because that is what i had on hand…after all, i’m not a shepherd…


and then, for good measure, i used red wine as my liquid instead of stock…


oh, and the mashed potatoes on top? i added milk, even though kate didn’t recommend it…


all this to say, it turned out delicious and i can’t wait to try it again with a completely different filling…throwing in whatever sounds good to me at the time…her recipe is a lovely template for making the filling truly your own…give it a try!

i served mine with sautéed peas…


oh, and in case you were wondering…shepherd’s pie has no dough crust…just the mashed potato topping…so it truly is “as easy as pie”!

and one more thing about myself…for some strange reason, i love taking pics of herbs and raw vegetables…so here you go…enjoy!





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