(livi): holiday baking is my favorite


after a nice holiday “break” from any mandatory cookbook baking…i’m here to break the silence on the blog with a bunch of picture of select goodies i baked during december. i over did myself and was kinda burnt out afterwards, and come january i didn’t bake for two weeks!!!  i didn’t think it was possible but “too much of a good thing” is really true….

anyway…on to the pictures.

pumpkin cranberry white chocolate chip cookies…a huge hit=)
peppermint crinkle cookies

a favorite with everyone…i made several batches and they never lasted long…

cherry almond biscotti


gingerbread granola

i made lots and lots of biscotti and mailed it to my  far away family and friends. such an easy yummy (also a sturdy) cookie, making it a perfect go-to baking gift option. my favorite was the chocolate rosemary biscotti i made. the recipe called for whole wheat flour and orange zest also. it was a much heavier biscotti, as a result of this addition, but the nutty flavor, was wonderful!

i took a day off of work and devoted it solely to baking all my childhood cookies and candies with my dear mother…by far that was the most enjoyable time i had baking during the christmas season. so much wonderful christmas music and laughs shared in my mother’s kitchen.

i also visited an elderly lady, that i’ve written letters to since i was young, and she baked me a loaf of her famous banana bread as a christmas gift. on top of that she gave me a handwritten copy of this bread recipe! (such a special gift, that she knew would mean so much to me) i was inspired and set out to make a loaf myself and after i did, i wondered why i had not tried to before. its so moist and with the crunch of an occasional walnut…gosh i just love it!

i hope  you also baked lots of warm and inviting goodies this christmas as well=) creating lasting memories in the kitchen-those are the kinds of memories i can never create too many of.

…onto a new year!!!




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