(anne): goodbye, dorie; hello kate!

as livi mentioned in her latest post, our holiday baking left us a little bit burnt out. i, too baked, and baked, but of course, forgot to take pictures of everything! 🙂 we were struggling with feeling motivated to get blogging again, and decided that it was time for a change. so, we put down dorie’s book, and are about to embark on another baking journey…this time, through “the art of pie”, by kate mcdermott.

i am so thrilled to be baking pies, because it struck me that while i have always baked, pie has never been something i’ve explored…beyond the traditional thanksgiving pies.

the idea is that livi and i will alternate making a pie each week and posting our thoughts and pics. because we live in separate areas of the country, we will not necessarily be baking the same types of pies each time, as fruit comes into season at different times of year for us.

i hope you will stick with us through the sweet & savory, the fruity & nutty, the creams & meringues, the double crusts & lattice weave tops, and of course, the inevitable juicy overflow in our ovens and the smoke detectors screaming! may we always remember to put a baking sheet under our pies in the oven!!!

happy new year to each one of you…

~ anne & livi

the pies pictured are the great ina garten’s maple pecan pie; the recipe is in her “foolproof” cookbook…mine is the messy, organic one at the top, and livi’s is the beautifully composed one at the bottom. 🙂



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