(anne & livi): holidays…

as livi and i were chatting about the upcoming holidays…one thing was abundantly clear…we would both go nuts trying to keep up the blog while working, buying/wrapping/shipping gifts, baking all our traditional cakes/cookies/pies in addition to our blog desserts, prepping christmas parties, and for me (the worship director at church), trying to coordinate 3 christmas services in 24 hours…all this to say…we wish you a very happy holiday season, a merry christmas, and a happy new year! we will be back as soon as 2017 arrives!

we both hope you all had a marvelous thanksgiving with lots of family/friends to be thankful for…after all, relationships are the things in life that really  matter. i made ina garden’s maple pecan pie this year for the first time. i texted livi a picture of the finished product only to find out that she was on her way home to make the exact same recipe!!!!! great minds…





enjoy the festive season and take time to rest and dream and be thankful!

~anne & livi


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