(livi): pithiviers

img_3067pure deliciousness!

this is my idea of a perfect (coffee) dessert…with a flaky crust surrounding such a moist, not-to-sweet, filling. img_5408img_3052the prune jam and almond cream were such a wonderful combination. and now i now why dorie greenspan picked these flavors for this recipe, when adding it to “baking chez moi.”

since i made them i’ve thought of how many other flavors of jam would go well with this.

i had never made prune jam before and on top of that had never added black pepper to a jam. but since the recipe stated i was suppose to add a pitch of it, i did. and the results were delicious. img_3056it was a definite “guy recipe”, receiving the most favorable attention and positive ratings from my male tasters.  img_3067i was nervous about making this recipe

and now i’m wondering why….

how hard can it be to roll out two pieces of puff pastry. and simply add cream, jam, and cover with the second puff pastry. bake and enjoy=) and yes it was actually that simple. img_3099it has such a lovely presentation. showing off all those “butter packets.” img_3063everyone who tried this pithivier loved it! including myself.

it’s one recipe that will be made again and again.



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