(anne): pithiviers

just a few words to get started….






shall i go on?

the pithiviers from dorie greenspan’s “baking chez moi” is top-notch.

as usual, i made a few mods including omitting the prune jam…sorry, dorie, but that just wasn’t something i even had a remote desire to try! i felt slightly guilty about this until i read martha stewart’s recipe which had no sign of prune jam anywhere…that was all the permission i needed to go ahead with a clear conscience!

also, dorie’s almond cream uses either rum or vanilla. i sprung for brandy which is probably completely un-traditional, but it sounded delicious (and it was!)

basically, pithiviers is made up of a homemade almond cream sandwiched between two puffy layers of puff pastry (which i bought)…what’s not to like?

here’s all my ingredients for the almond cream…

as you can see…cream is a bit of a misnomer…no cream in sight! it was chilled in a disk shape…


my puff pastry got rolled out and then the almond cream was place in between the two layers…

it was sealed by pressing the tines of a fork around the edges and then got an egg wash before going into the oven…

lovely, isn’t it?

it cooled…

and got devoured by my family…i saved one piece today to take a few more photos…enjoy!



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