(livi): apple pielettes

apple pielettes. i love that word…pielette, it sure sounds more fitting for a dessert that’s more stunning and brilliant looking. but once eaten these little wonders will fit this description, if not in looks, in just taste alone. img_2953first things first. i’m in love with this galette dough recipe! so simple and it taste wonderful! perfect for these little delicious treats. i’m still learning so much about the entire pie dough making process, rolling the pie dough out imminently after making and then leaving it to chill flat in the fridge has been the most helpful technique from dorie greenspan’s cookbook, that I’ve learned on this subject.img_2909this was another one of those easy-to-prepare recipes…that i feel anyone could make and could substitute anything they had, on hand, instead of following the recipe to a “t”. but i’m one those that follows a recipe closely the first “go-around” or you could say i like to play it safe…i’m not as confident, in the kitchen yet, as my fellow baker anne =)img_2914img_2936the way the sugar sparkled on top was lovely, amidst the bubbles of liquid escaping through the seams…

and the smell that flooded my kitchen when i did the customary rotation of the pan, half-way through the baking time….was a-MAZ-ing!img_2953the raisins were the ticket to perfection…so juicy and satisfying. i didn’t buy the jam and forgot to add any addition in it’s place. (except an extra tbsp of sugar) still the results were exceptional!

but as you can see in the picture…they look more like “fruit-filled” than “pie-filling filled” pielettes. i think the jam would be a welcomed addition and plan on it’s inclusion in any future pielettes baking attempts. img_2955img_2975img_2966so beautiful and so yummy!




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