(anne): apple pielettes

all i can say to start with is: wow! these are absolutely, completely, fabulous!!!!

if you don’t own a copy of dorie greenspan’s “baking chez moi”, do yourself a favor and get one today. this recipe alone will make the purchase worth it.

so, to start off…i made dorie’s galette dough recipe…


i turned it out on the counter to give it a little bit more blending by hand…


it was a lovely, rough dough that handled like a dream…


after the rolling, chilling, and cutting out, i put the disks of dough into my mom’s  stoneware muffin pan…ready to be filled…


now on to the filling…to quote a favorite pirate…dorie’s recipe was “really more guidelines than actual rules”…so my filling looked nothing like hers!!!!

first of all, i ignored her apple type suggestions in favor of the classic american pie apple…the granny smith. i’ve made a lot of apple desserts with different apple types, and it just seems that you can’t beat a granny smith for holding up in a pie…


i also added dates and dried cranberries to the filling along with substituting grade b maple syrup for the sugar (a bonus about this recipe…the sugar content is very minimal…which means you can eat these for breakfast completely guilt free!!!)


here they are all filled and waiting to be topped with the upper crust…


i brushed the tops with water, sprinkled them with sugar, and then ruthlessly vented them…


aren’t they lovely?


dorie said to invert the pan and dump them right out…i was slightly skeptical about that step, so i lifted them out with a small plastic spreader and they popped out with zero trouble.


these are nice and firm and would hold up well traveling in a picnic basket (hint, hint…go on a fall picnic!) they are very easy and the dough can work around your schedule…i will most certainly be making these again…in fact, my mom said she wanted them once a week! (not sure it’s going to happen that often!) but they are well worth the effort and the filling can truly be whatever you want it to be…




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