(livi):pear tart with crunchy almond topping

this recipe was such a winner!!!img_2764…the perfect combination of sweet, flaky, crunchy and crisp all in one!

and i think we all have to admit that after the last recipe review…by both of us…we really needed a bit of cheering up here on the blog and this pear tart was the perfect “ingredient” for such a cure.img_2721i’m a huge fan of dorie greenspan’s sweet tart crust, super easy to make and with a delightful buttery taste, it sure to always bring the compliments showering down.  i love that it can be made in advance and stored in the fridge till ready to fill…so convenient! img_2674 i used my hands as suggested in the recipe to mix together the egg whites, almonds, and powdered sugar for the topping; since i rarely use my hands while baking, this was so fun! i made the mistake and purchased slivered almonds instead of sliced and then dumped them into the mixture before I remembered could have chopped them a bit more…just don’t tell anyone.img_2671img_2689img_2691our pear season is sadly over here in indiana, so i had to purchase mine. kinda a bummer not to be able to just “pick and use.” but oh well! since bought, they were pretty perfect! wouldn’t you agree?!?!

i can’t get over how simple this recipe was; just chop, and dump along with the butter in a pan to cook till just soft and then a tiny bit of sugar and ta-da done!

add to the pan, press the topping on and voila

into the oven to bake till the topping was crisp and golden. nothing could be simpler or more fool proof.img_2698img_2699img_2707i made a soft whipped cream to go on top for the guys, (not pictured) but I ate it how mrs greenspan suggested “as is” and it didn’t disappoint=) img_2713the pictures turned out exceptionally well, considering this was made at around four in the morning…i’m not sure if i enjoy taking the photos or baking more?!?!?! the powdered sugar made all the difference…turning an ordinary looking dessert into something extra ordinary!img_2741img_2724img_2737img_2763img_2755in closing…everyone needs to make this!!!

so autumn.

so perfect.



4 thoughts on “(livi):pear tart with crunchy almond topping

  1. Loved reading this autumn post. You have the best cooking ideas for making holidays so very special. Thanks for sharing. The pictures were loving too! 😀


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