(anne):pear tart with crunchy almond topping

ok…so i baked the pear tart with crunchy almond topping from dorie greenspan’s  “baking chez moi”.   it turned out absolutely delicious…here’s a peek at how i made it including too many photos of the tart dough, because, well, because i just like dough!!!!




isn’t it lovely? the dough got made in the food processor and then got blended further once it was turned out onto the counter…the french term is “fraisage”.

as you can see…i go for the imperfect, “rustic” look…


i let it get a beautiful deep golden brown…


the filling was quick and made on the stovetop…i used brandy in mine and was going to flame it, but since the pears were extra juicy, i think the juice diluted the alcohol…i couldn’t get it to light…


the topping had been made before the pears were cooked…


isn’t it gorgeous?


i will leave you with several photos of the brandied pear/sugared almond/shortbread crust goodness…




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