(livi): chocolate crème caramel

so here’s my option and photos of the chocolate creme caramel from dorie greenspan’s “baking chez moi”  cookbook… it’s an easy dessert and one that would really fly for anyone who likes a pudding type texture. img_2509this was fun to make, but to be honest i didn’t really apply myself or give this recipe the time and tlc it truly needed – resulting in the caramel being slightly,

dare i say,


anyway (please forget that point) let’s get on to the rest of my pictures and comments…but i’d rather be honest than impressive. it’s just a reminder what this blog is all about. learning how to bake french desserts and having a good time doing it…but now i’m on a quest to master the art of making caramel =) for no apparent reason.img_2432not the yummiest taste…not to mention the fact that a burnt flavor never is. but the crème was wonderful and turned out perfect. but to echo anne: i thought the caramel turning into liquid was completly amazing! i only had one other test taster for this recipe and they also agreed that it’s not one that i really need to repeat…because of the texture. img_2519img_2513img_2525but they did take a lovely picture.

don’t you think?






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