(livi): eclairs


these eclairs from dorie greenspan’s cookbook were amazingly yummy and so much fun to make!!! img_2323the vanilla pastry cream was very involved, but easy to make…all at once it began to boil and then thickened up so much that it stuck to my whisk and came away from the edges of the pan. i was thinking: do i turn the heat down or take if off the burner, but I just kept whisking away as the directions said, and amazingly, it loosened and then became creamy…completely opposite to what I thought cornstarch was ever supposed to do.  img_2215img_2234anne warned me about under baking the choux dough and also told me not to be afraid to let them get really golden. so with all this good advice, my eclairs rose and kept their puffed shape well after they had cooled to room temperature.  img_2291look at these so golden and beautifully light=)img_2293instead of cutting my eclairs open and filling, i piped my cream in…so fun watching the bubbles fill to almost bursting=) i had a few left over after all the vanilla cream was used, so i piped the rest full with honey sweetened whipping cream. both tasted wonderful!!!!!img_2318above: piped full of vanilla pastry cream and dusted with powdered sugar.

below: piped full of whipping cream.  i didn’t add the powdered sugar to these, resulting in a more rustic, yet delicate tasting eclair.

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a lovely dessert that looks way more complicated than it is and is sure to be a crowd pleaser any time they are made.img_2330seeing my siblings and parents faces light up as they tasted the eclairs was worth it all. my family loved them!img_2340img_2334at this moment, the eclairs are by far my favorite recipe out of the “baking chez moi cookbook”.

anne is right these feel like christmas.


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