(livi): jam-sandwich cookies

img_2107so here’s my take and pictures of the jam-filled cookies from dorie greenspan’s “baking chez moi”. a crisp butter taste, complete with sweet strawberry jam,(the jam i made myself, this spring). so i couldn’t help but smile, as I spooned a generous helping onto each cookie. (there’s something about making everything from scratch that brings me joy)img_2091again this was a recipe created just for me…because i made the short bread-type dough moments after i woke up, and then,  after putting it in the fridge, (for the two hour chilling time), i calmly made a cup of coffee and resumed my normal morning routine. (side note: these would be lovely to make the night before, then simply fill and bake the next morning)img_4650i rolled some of them out a bit too thin…it’s safer to be on the thicker side, i learned. also, the thicker cookies tasted so much better.img_2118i didn’t need to add water to seal the cookies, i simply pressed the edges together after filling. they baked nicely and didn’t split open, around the seams, at all.img_2111the jam made the center soften a bit more than the outside, making them tender, flaky and irresistible. seriously,  you need to make these!!!! i know i will be making these again soon myself.


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