(livi): double mint milk chocolate mousse and gelée

last night i made the double-mint milk chocolate mousse and gelee from dory greenspan’s “baking chez moi”. such a lovely dessert!IMG_2064i picked my mint sprigs fresh from my mint plant…since i’m not a tea drinker, it was the first time i used any of it in something edible, instead of just in my flower arrangements.IMG_2018IMG_2031i love making recipes that have lots steps to them. so this was just the perfect recipe for me, waiting on the gelee to set and then for the milk and mint to steep. so fun!IMG_2049IMG_2064IMG_2068i followed the recipe to the detail. unlike anne, i used the milk chocolate that the recipe called for…and i regretted it.  after tasting it, i wished i had done as she had and just added my regular chocolate…i was wanting that true chocolate taste, which was sadly lacking…oh well!  IMG_2072topped with a mint leaf and sour cream, these made a beautiful picture.

weren’t they just lovely!?!?!



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