(anne): double mint milk chocolate mousse and gelée

yesterday, i made the double mint milk chocolate mousse and gelée from dory greenspan’s  “baking chez moi”… it was fabulous!!!

the dessert is made in individual servings, so i chose to use some vintage punch cups, which were the perfect size…


there are 2 main steps to this dessert… the mint gelée and the chocolate mousse.

since the gelatin powder i chose to use was slightly different than what the recipe called for, i combined the packet directions with dorie’s instructions for the gelée…



i had to used packaged mint (i meant to grow some this summer, but i let it shrivel up and die…shame on me)…




the gelée got poured into the cups to set…


the mousse started with a mint-steeped cream…


the chocolate got melted in a double boiler (i used dark chocolate instead of milk)…


and the egg white got beaten into a beautiful fluff…



and then they were gently folded into the cream and chocolate…


the mousse got spooned on top of the gelée, and then put in the refrigerator to set…



aren’t they beautiful?


i served them with a small dollop of sour cream (i personally like wallaby’s sour cream), and a small leaf of mint…


they were sublime…while i loved them with regular mint, i might try peppermint next time…maybe around christmas time?




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