(livi): nutella buttons

these tiny little Nutella buttons from dorie greenspan’s baking chez moi were such a delight to eat…and make, i was in “baker’s heaven”.


this was one of those baking nights that requires you to spill confectionery sugar all over yourself, and the counters, and don’t forget the floor…and make sure you’re barefoot for the experience to be complete.

but seriously; whenever confectionery sugar is involved,       i make a huge mess =)

…first the bit of batter in the bottom, then the quickly spooning in of the nutella, and then finishing off each little cup with more light batter, each up to the top. (I could have totally added more nutella in each, but I was trying to stay on the safe side and only added a half a tsp).


the ganache is a must. it adds so much to their appearance and tastes soooo good…and who doesn’t like more chocolate?!?!?! dipping each little cup is totally worth the trouble.


i overthought the entire filling the cups process….completely unnecessary, because in the end they are going to rise and more nutella, as opposed to less, is always greatly welcomed. i used little cupcake holders which made the clean up so easy,  and the final ganache dipping, a less messy ordeal.

IMG_1648a light lovely flavor and the creamy filling is a wonderful surprise and greatly appreciated. and like anne also mentioned,  their ending golden color was so lovely.

also this one is an overall “guys favorite”… being so tiny they ate them all up in no time…




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