(livi): marquise au chocolat

so this is my try at the marquise au chocolat from dorie greenspan’s book “baking chez moi”…every step of this recipe was so lovely =)


i could have just looked at that shiny melted chocolate and butter for ever…


then there was the egg yolk and sugar mixture. so thick and creamy. i used my (cheap) trusty mixer and, so far, it has not let me down. sometimes I have to laugh at my lack of “proper” cooking equipment…but then that’s part of the fun. seeing how much i can actually bake without all those nifty gadgets.


fortunately for me, anne makes each recipe first=) it really helps me when she tells me about the mistakes she made. so, thanks, anne!!! i made sure to whip my heavy cream before adding it to the chocolate…



it was warm the afternoon i whipped this up, but thankfully this was not an “oven using” dessert…so nice to just mix, wrap, and then freeze. so easy!!!!!


the next morning it slid out of the loaf pan with no trouble at all and sliced easily.




the taste. absolutely wonderful!!! light, with just with a hint of contradicting denseness. and the perfect amount of sweetness to accompany the slightly bitter chocolate taste…i loved it!

it was just what a summer dessert should be…a refreshing finish to the hottest day. it truly was wonderful!



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