(livi): sunday in paris cake

i baked these wonderful smelling sunday in paris chocolate cakes (from dorie greenspan’s baking chez moi”), during an evening summer rain storm, here in indiana. in fact, i had to close the window because the wind was blowing in at such a rate that it caused the flour to cover my cookbook instead of sifting into my mixing bowl.


i love to bake when it’s raining but especially when it’s dark and stormy out….it makes my house feel even cozier. so while the thunder rumbled and the wind blew, I was whisking up these beauties.


I used my handheld mixer, and it worked perfectly well, except with the addition of the dry ingredients. for this i began with a whisk until mostly incorporated, only to avoid cleaning up a mess. (aka flour all over my counter, walls, stove, and well, you get the idea.)


my ganache turned out perfectly! and again, it was my first attempt at it; i was very pleased with myself.

PicMonkey Collage

i didn’t add the chopped peanuts to my cake batter…but after tasting it i so wished i had. the added crunch would have been very welcome. but i did add the peanut butter. i only like natural peanut butter, (no added sweetener) so normally it is the only kind i have on hand. but lucky for me, i had just purchased my supply of regular peanut butter, for my wintertime ritual of making homemade suet for the birds. it was a small amount, but the mild flavor was, oh so good.


i overbaked these little loaves; i was so disappointed with myself for leaving the kitchen during those last five baking minutes. oh well…i guess there can always be a next time.


the flavor accompanied with the moist ganache, plus the peanuts and chocolate bits was perfect. i personally loved it. but I know that if i were to make this again in the future i would definitely add my own modification to it. adding a little more sugar wouldn’t have hurt.


but they took a lovely picture and i still am amazed that they were baked in my little kitchen.



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