(livi): lime tart

i’ve never made a tart before ever. i’ve never eaten a tart before. being raised on a rural farm, something this formal never graced our tables, mainly we enjoyed a simple pie. so since this was a completely foreign recipe for me…i was a bit nervous. but i shouldn’t have been because it is a fairly simple, fool-proof recipe, that can’t be messed up. this tart came from dorie greenspan’s “baking chez moi”.

i really took my time making this tart, to make sure i had everything correct. i made the crust one evening. The following evening I made the lime curd, and then put it all together the next morning, before leaving for work. by that evening, it was picture ready and of course, more than ready to be tasted.


i had only one mishap. the burning of my first tart crust. my stove is one that heats up in the matter of a few seconds and is always on the “too hot” side. i was sure to turn my temperature down to a normal 350◦F instead of 400 ◦F (that the recipe directs) the next time around and it baked perfectly! but since i made it twice…i was able to try both methods of placing the tart dough into the pan. other than a sharper edge, in the rolled version i noticed little difference between “pressing in” method of the “pre-rolled out” method. the rolled version was my second and last attempt, so of course it was the lucky version that survived to be filled with the lime curd filling.



the taste of the tart crust alone was delectable. just the perfect crunch and sweetness…tasting like nothing ever created before in my kitchen.

the curd filling was bright and yellowish green and oh, so much fun to make. i stayed, as directed, by the recipe, “parked” in front of the stove whisking away until it magically, instantly thickened.


i made the sour cream topping and wasn’t disappointed…it helped mellow the tart flavor that some my family couldn’t fully appreciate. over all, I was very pleased with the resulting flavor and taste…i love anything lime/lemon flavor so this was a smashing success for me. i enjoyed mine with fresh raspberries (growing wild along my driveway) and the sweetness of the berries paired with the tart lime flavor was very good=)


if i made this again the only difference i would make would be the addition of the suggested fruit to the base before pouring the lime filling. i just know the result would be a too wonderful for words!




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