(livi): viennese sablés

okay, so now it’s my turn to share my thoughts/photos of the viennese sablés from dorie greenspan’s cookbook, “baking chez moi”.

this is one of the easiest cookies i’ve ever made, and i didn’t even miss my mom’s kitchen aid mixer. i completed this recipe the old-fashioned way, using a spatula and whisk. since i don’t have air conditioning, my house is pretty warm in the summer, so the butter softened quickly.


this dough has such a lovely consistency that I could have just mixed it all day…




i piped mine through a regular Ziploc bag, cutting a half inch hole in the corner; this method is easy, and i loved the result. (just a side-note, add the exact amount of flour she called for if you want a perfect consistency for piping, not too soft or firm)



they were buttery and crisp. a delightful cookie to have with ice-cream. it was mildly sweet and the taste made me want to eat the entire cookie sheet, without even knowing why.


…even my brothers liked them!?!? but I think they lack a defined flavor, which in the future I will correct by adding a full tsp. of vanilla extract just to help perk up the taste. my younger brothers were both a fan of these and ate as many as they could. my sisters were all pleased with these “not so sweet cookie” and requested a remake soon. because it didn’t take long for them to disappear. all that remained were smiles and complements.


to me these felt like a cookie that should be made around the holidays…for Christmas maybe. I mean it felt like a holiday when you ate them…even though I followed mine with milk instead of something hot.  the reason being that my house is warm enough without me drinking anything warm!!!

such an easy cookie to make and fun too…I will be mixing these up again soon.

such deliciousness deserves to be repeated.



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