(livi): palmiers

sorry in the delay with this post…i have been recovering from an accident and haven’t been able to get to the store to purchase the main ingredient for these…pastry puff isn’t something I normally have on hand, in my freezer. but after tasting these, it may be.


this is such an easy cookie and a crowd pleaser. not too sweet, with a buttery crispiness that makes this cookie all happiness=)

it looks much harder to make than it actually is…simply roll pastry puff in sugar and then roll it as if you were a kid again using clay.


i added extra sugar to the top of each to add more sweetness and crispiness.


i haven’t mastered the art of making these yet…mine didn’t crumble like they were suppose too, so they were probably a bit under baked. but I hope to perfect them, and i will be definitely trying different versions of this simple treat.


paired with coffee, they make a perfect snack. or in my case, a perfect breakfast!


the soft morning light did wonders,in the photos by showing the delicate caramelized sugar on the edges of each palmier. these are my favorite set of photos so far.



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