(anne): palmiers

while i’m sitting here writing this, i’m dreaming about the palmiers i made last week…crispy, caramelized, sticky, golden, and irresistibly flaky…dorie greenspan has the recipe on pg. 249 of her “baking chez moi”. this recipe is extremely easy, but it does require you to work quickly, as puff pastry will quickly go limp in the warm air…


first of all, i doubled the recipe…who doesn’t want/need more buttery goodness in their life?

and then melted the butter …


then set it aside to cool…



i gathered all my tools, along with my sugar, and set them on top of my workspace (an old enamel-top table that is perfect for rolling out any kind of dough)…


the recipe called for liberal amounts of sugar, so i brought the entire jar over…also a brush for the melted butter, a rolling pin, and a bench scraper for maneuvering the dough as needed…


then, i grabbed my puff pastry dough from the fridge, where it had been defrosting from the freezer…just a quick note: in my baking world, there are 2 perfectly permissible things to by pre-made in the frozen section of the grocery…one is puff pastry, the other is phyllo dough.


the dough got rolled out to dorie’s specified measurements on a layer of sugar, and was liberally doused with sugar during the process to keep it from sticking…



i then put it in the freezer before forming it into cookies.

the cookies were so fun to make…anything that requires brushing butter on dough, sprinkling with sugar, and using kitchen scissors, is a winner in my book!


it made quite a mess! (in a completely joyous way)



the cookies were so beautiful…i let some get more golden than some of the others…


i then got a big bowl of strawberries and made a little pot of coffee with lots of milk (non-homogenized…which is why you see little dots of cream melted on the surface, fyi)…


this is bliss…



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