(livi): Carrément Chocolat

this cake is CHOCOLATE… so much in each bite. and even better if you’re lucky enough to have a slice right of the end…you will enjoy lots of crispy deliciousness from the simple syrup brushed onto the still warm cake… moments out of the oven.


i have not one single photo of the entire mixing or baking process, because i did these steps at night and didn’t have the proper lighting to get a nice photo. i work most of the daylight hours so my baking tends to fall after that. but i love to bake, and many a night i can be found waiting on my last wonderful creation to come out of the oven, while the clock stretches quickly out for twelve. i took these photos the following morning before i hurried out the door for work.


when i made my salted chocolate, i added a bit of powdered sugar so it wasn’t as bitter…in hopes my crowd of taste testers would enjoy it. and then i tried not to eat it all before i added it to my cake the next day…gosh, was it good!!!!

i have to say that the batter for this was perfectly lovely, so silky and airy…it’s such a simple recipe but with such a complicated taste. and here again i didn’t use the called for unsweetened baking cocoa but opted for the regular kind, because i wanted my target audience to enjoy it. i’m learning that when i bake, it needs to be enjoyed, not 100% recipe correct…and it’s working!!!


everyone that tried it, liked it=)

it was light, and those floating chocolate chunks were heavenly. i will totally make this again soon…it paired perfectly with my morning cup of coffee.


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