(livi): brown butter vanilla cake

okay, seriously, how beautiful is this cake?


anne is the much more seasoned baker out of us two… this is almost the beginning of my career in this subject.

the first cake i baked, ever, (last spring), she was so kind as to text me step by step through the entire process, and it turned out wonderful!!!

my kitchen is very primitive, and I’m just beginning to learn my stove temperature etc. it’s fun! but at other times, i wish i was back in my mama’s large kitchen with every cooking utensil i could ever want or need.

i got all my ingredients out and started on this cake, but i missed one part: the “room temperature” eggs. so i just ran out to my chicken coop and got four eggs; how much closer to room temp can you get?!?!?


oh the joys of owning a flock of chickens.

i had never browned butter before, so i was almost jumping up and down when it actually did what she said it would…that nutty smell and all. stirring all that warm butter at the very last, was the coolest part. i didn’t use a vanilla bean (i can’t afford them), just the extract, and it still held that wonderful subtle but strong vanilla flavor. i also skipped on using rum in my version.


it turned out moist and with a wonderful flavor.


my family agreed it tasted like something that you would buy…too perfect to be made in a kitchen, let alone my kitchen.



they even shared it with some of their friends who were visiting, who also loved it. i thought it was best after it cooled completely.


the second day it was good, just not the same as fresh.

i will definitely make this cake in the future, it’s easy and taste so good!!!!!



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