a word on vanilla extract

anne here…taking time to give a short note on vanilla extract. vanilla is one of the most important (if not THE most important) flavoring in the baking world. please, do yourself, (and your potential taste testers) a favor….buy the good stuff…the 100% vanilla extract.  don’t skimp. and certainly don’t buy vanilla flavoring…it’s not really vanilla!!! 

nielsen massey makes a very fine vanilla extract.

if, however, you are feeling more adventurous…i’ll let you in on a secret…are you ready?



it’s super easy, and only requires an initial investment in vanilla beans and a mid-grade booze, and then a little bit of time to turn it into vanilla!!!! (and you will always have vanilla beans on hand, and won’t have to buy those little dried out, over-priced ones in the baking aisle at the grocery store.


1.) buy about 20 good quality vanilla beans…preferably, organic

2.) buy a mid-grade booze, either vodka or bourbon

3.) stick your beans right into the bottle of the liquor of your choice

4.) stick it in a dark, cool place

5.) wait 3 months

6.) voilá! vanilla extract!!!!!

seriously, how easy was that….no excuses….go out and try it!!!! you’ll be so impressed with the results!!!!


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